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Wrr Newsletter Feb 2020
The Club Ride will be to Wittenburg. Please call and cancel your Medford reservations as soon as possible! We will meet at the Pioneer Restaurant in Westfield at 8am for breakfast and to continue on from there as a group. The club will provide pizza one evening for dinner. The new route through the north side of Portage is a ROAD ROUTE. To maintain the privilege of this route we need to make sure we are obeying the signs and markings as they are posted. Please do not ride on the green space/meridian that is not our trail, except for where it is marked as parking. Donnie and Jeff will be working on a route through the muck farms to Culvers for next season. The Club picnic is July 18th 2020 at Sunset Park in Portage. We will continue to use our website as is for this year and use that time to work towards updates and changes. John Brozek will be our county delegate Our next meeting will be March 2nd at the Ballroom in Portage.
Published: February 4th, 2020
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