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Ccasc December Newsletter
Columbia County Association of Snowmobile Clubs
Meeting minutes for December 20, 2007

Harlan called the meeting to order on December 20, 2007 at Dorothy’s Rainbow Inn in Otsego.
Clubs Present: Arlington, Cambria, Camper Country, Columbus Fall River, Doylestown, Randolph, Rocky Run, Winnebago, Yellow Thunder
Clubs absent: New Haven
MMS&C to approve the secretary’s report from November 15, 2007
MMS&C to approve the treasurer’s report stating a balance of $10175.30 as of 12-20-07
Deb Levey gave the directors report:
Not much new for now as the directors meeting is next month
Please continue to track charitable contributions of time and money for your clubs
Al Kaltenberg is still missing the landowners list and maintenance contract for New Haven
Al handed out several packets to clubs and distributed the first draft of a CCASC scholarship app.
A scholarship committee was formed consisting of Al Kaltenberg, Betsy Woodward, Harlan Woodward, Gary Tupper and Deb Levey to review the applications forms. Have your clubs look them over for input.
Old Business-
Still have several packs of county raffle tickets to sell, see Harley for yours
Representatives from River Haven homeless shelter and Best Friends of South Central WI were present to accept the moneys raised by the CCASC and the club challenge that was issued. Each organization received $1050.00 for a total of $2100.00 being raised. Congratulations and Merry Christmas to all!
Anyone interested in volunteering their time or money to River Haven, call them at 742-7687, or mail to River Haven Homeless Shelter, P.O. Box 641, Portage, WI 53901.
John Faulter reported on the maps of which 7600 have been printed. Any corrections should be given to John before the next printing. The ads raised $6186.00 so far with a little more coming in and the invoice for the maps to date is $4280.14. All clubs are to take maps after the meeting with the extra maps being kept at Johnson sales in Arlington.
New Business-
Steve Pate, our designated CCASC historian, discussed the possibility of a site to honor past contributors to Columbia counties progression of trail development. More info to follow.
Doylestown club is in desperate need of members to maintain their trail system or their club may fold.
John Faulter will check into the cost of P.R. coasters to get our name out there and keep his bars clean.
(Merry Christmas John and thanks for all the work you do, I needed some extra fill in words here to make the minutes look more official and important, let’s go riding some time)
Upcoming events-
Yellow Thunder fundraiser dinner and dance is 2-9-08, tickets available see Gary Tupper
Doylestown’s pancake breakfast is 1-27-08 at the Casino restaurant, 8:30-12:30
Rocky Run’s pancake breakfast is 2-10-08 at the Pardeeville high school, 7:30-1:00

Next meeting is January 24 2008 at the Pauquette Pines in Poynette

MMS&C to adjourn at 9:06pm

Respectfully submitted
Gary Schoppenhorst, Secretary CCASC

Published: December 25th, 2007
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