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Ccasc October Newsletter
Columbia County Association of Snowmobile Clubs
Meeting minutes for October, 10-23-09

John Falter called the meeting to order at 7:32pm.
Clubs Present: Arlington, Randolph, Columbus Fall River, Rocky Run, Winnebago, Yellow Thunder, Camper Country, Doylestown
Clubs absent: Cambria and New Haven
MMS&C to approve the secretary’s minutes from 9-24-09
MMS&C to approve the treasurer’s report stating a balance of $6981.74 as of 10-22-09
Debs report: Deb and Donna were absent, no reports
Al’s report: A couple of clubs still need to turn in their contracts. Al also explained the process and need to be accurate on filling out your maintenance reimbursement packets. Scholarship deadlines are March 31 and clubs should provide contact info for schools in their areas.
Youth: No report
Old Business: Drop dead deadline of next county meeting for all map ads (with money only) and trail changes. Peg Benson handed out trail reporting cards for all clubs to keep track of work done. Harley and Betty have preparations made for the Christmas party. All clubs are challenged to have a non-perishable food drive to be collected at the Christmas party and distributed to the local food pantries. Steve Pate gave an update on the Memorial park progress and plans.
New Business: After much discussion, it was decided not to open the trails until 12-14-09, after the last gun hunt. All snowmobilers are encouraged to go to the DNR website or Channel 3000 and click on the comment link for the gun deer season proposed by the DNR for next year. Discussion took place on areas of the county that may need help getting in their trails, info to follow. An idea was also discussed about having each club hold training sessions for groomer operators to ensure properly trained people are operating the groomers. ACSA calendars will be available at the next county meeting as well as a new secretary hopefully! Any updates or changes to the club info sheet should be given to Peg Benson.
Club News and Events: Arlington Fall Fling is 10-23-09 (Friday). Only 2 tickets left contact Gregg Johnson. Upcoming snowmobile safety courses (John, please no chain saws) are being offered by several of our clubs-Yellow Thunder, Winnebago, Arlington and Deforest clubs. Check the DNR website for dates and registration. Johnson Sales is having a snowmobile open house on November 27, 9-5 and the 28, 9-12. Gregg will offer the county youth $200 to serve the refreshments at the event. Winnebago Ridge Runners are having grass drags on this Saturday, October 24 from 12 to 5. Take hwy 127 past the prison to county XX just past Cimmeroles supper club, turn right and it’s just ahead about 1 mile. Rocky Run is having its pancake breakfast on 2-14-10. Camper Country is having its dice run on 1-21, 22, 23-2010. Yellow Thunder is having a $10 ticket raffle, see Gary Tupper for tickets.
MMS&C to adjourn at 8:58pm
Respectfully submitted for the last time, Gary Schoppenhorst

Published: October 23rd, 2009
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