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Ccasc September Newsletter

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 pm by President Gary Tupper following the DNR Trail Signing class. 9 clubs were present with New Haven being absent.

MMSP to approve the minutes from the August 20th, 2011 meeting at Harley and Betsy Woodward’s.

MMSP to approve the financial report as presented showing an ending balance of $5,680.88. New Haven, Winnebago, and Camper Country’s dues are still needed at this time.

County Liaison Report- Al is still missing contracts from 4 clubs as well as land owner easements from clubs. If clubs need these, please contact Al. No other reports to be made.

The AWSC Report was given by Donna White, as Deb Levey was absent. Did clubs bring back questions or input on registration fee for Vintage and Antique Snowmobile Club? A few questions were asked regarding this club and the registration: 1) Why a $5 registration fee and not one similar to Vintage Car Clubs? This will be brought back to the club and questioned. 2) Will we still get the gas tax? Yes, the full amount will still be available. Information regarding Workshop, to be held in November, can be found in the AWSC magazine. Please get registrations in. Donna was able to meet with the new State Legislators- 37 new since December. Some questions that came up were regarding the tax revenue money used on our trails. We were happy to inform them that we volunteer our time and money to maintain our trail systems. Another Legislation Day is possible for the (near) future. We hope that legislators understand that we mostly want to be heard and listened to more than anything. No other updates.

The Youth Report was given by youth rep Tyler Brozek. Four youth riders attended the grass drags at Lake of the Woods Campground in Wautoma. The youth had a great time there. For workshop there will be another food drive. Contact Tyler if you have donations to be taken up. Tyler is also looking for another youth rep to join him for Columbia County. The age group is 12-19 (in high school). Please contact him if you have anyone in mind. No other updates.

Old Business-

A. Miss Snowflake- Rocky Run has a contestant and will get the paperwork as soon as possible. The information is on the AWSC website. As for the County Queen, the contestants would be run through the county with the same application as Miss Snowflake and voted on.

B. Map Ads- So far 40/100 map ads have been turned into Harley. Please turn these in as soon as you can. A brief meeting after our regular meeting will be held to discuss map ads.

C. Club dues- New Haven, Winnebago, and Rio still needed. Al is also missing info sheets for clubs.

New Business-

A. Youth Rep replacement for Trev- Anyone who knows of someone who may be interested let us know.

Club News and Events-

A. Snow-Blazers Kick-Off Bash- Saturday October 15th, 2011 at the Cardinal Ale House and Bowl in Columbus. $20 per person (includes buffet meal). Cocktails at 6 pm, dinner at 7pm.

B. Arlington Fall Fling- November 11th, 2011 at Leeds Town Hall. $60 for two people (includes dinner and drinks all night). Starts at 6pm.

C. Yellow Thunder $10 Raffle- tickets available.

D. Winnebago Grass Drags- October 22nd. Please see Winnebago website for location/directions.

E. Winnebago Nut Sale- contact Gary Schoppenhorst.

F. Rocky Run Pancake Breakfast- February 12th, 2012

Next meeting- October 27th, 2011 at Kelly’s Bar, W11794 Concord Rd, Randolph 920-326-3580

MMSP to adjourn at 9:04 pm

Respectfully submitted- Katie Dolato (CCASC secretary)

Published: October 21st, 2011
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