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CCASC Meeting Minutes

November 17th, 2011

Kelly’s Bar in Randolph

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by President Gary Tupper. 8 clubs were present with Camper Country and New Haven absent.

MMSP to approve the minutes from the October 27th, 2011 meeting at Mojoz in Cambria with one correction: Peggy did not host the emergency class discussed at the October meeting, she only attended it. J

MMSP to approve the financial report as presented showing an ending balance of $10,811.94.

County Liaison Report was given by Al Kaltenberg. A reminder to be aware of the due date for scholarships. Al will check on the exact date and let us know but it is around April 1st. Anyone with candidates in mind should get the forms in. Al is also looking for a list of emergency contacts. The information to be included is name, phone number (home and cell, if available), type of sled, and if it is able to pull anything. Al is hoping to have the emergency director attend the January meeting to talk to us. A reminder that in cases of emergency, permission to assist has to be given by the emergency management director only, not local law enforcements. No other reports to be made.

The AWSC Report was given by director Deb Levey. The AWSC Workshop was held November 4-6th. A copy of the Director’s Meeting Minutes, scholarship forms, the Press Release, and trail signing information was emailed out to club contacts, if interested in seeing those. A reminder that charity forms are due April 9th. Please fill these out. Another Legislative Day will be held sometime in January-February 2012. Dates to be decided. Workshop was a big success, with over 600 people registered. At the Director’s Meeting a motion was made and approved to donate $500 to the host county for workshop. The WISC News will soon be available on the AWSC websites for those who would like to view them online. They will be available two weeks after their release date. A new Miss Snowflake was nominated. Her name is Emily Bauer from Viroqua County. The Silent auction was a huge success, raising over $4500. In addition to that, Liberty Mutual offered another $1000 scholarship this year, in addition to the original $1000 for the year. Regarding the Vintage/Antique Sleds the registration is set for $5 and will be sent to the Legislative Committee when the time is right. We want to be sure it does not interfere with the Cap-Step program. In regards to Gregg Johnson’s question on AWSC membership renewal dates, several directors have many members with the same issue. The Legislative Committee will look into this closer. Please let Deb know if any other clubs receive similar letters about this. The 2013 Workshop will be held held in Stevens Point again. The March 2012 Convention will be held in Manitowoc County at the Holiday Inn on March 30th-April 1st. No other reports to be made.

The Youth Report was given by youth rep Tyler Brozek. The youth set a record this year at workshop for the food drive, having more food than any other year prior. A record was also set with the silent auction raising $4500. Youth donated a check for $200 to River Haven Shelter in Portage. Tyler attended and found the Youth and Director’s Meetings to be very informative at workshop. A club ride with Columbia and Dodge County is in the works with a few pending dates set for January 14th as well as February 18th. Please contact Tyler or Trevor if you know of anyone interested in joining. No other updates.

Old Business-

A. Donna White has 7 calendars left if anyone is interested. The cost is $20.

B. Gary Schoppenhorst has goodies left over from Winnebago’s fundraiser if anyone is interested. He has a list of what is leftover.

C. Map Ads- 12 map ads were canceled but 10 new ads were added. Harley and Gary met with Cramer Printing and the first stage of the process is complete. Betsy and Harley will be meeting with them again to complete the second stage soon. There is no price quote as of this meeting. Maps should be done by the December meeting and handed out. Joyce would like a PDF file to be available to post on the website. Harley will look into getting some laminated copies as we have got in previous years as well.

D. Christmas Party- We will be bringing in can goods for a food drive again this year. The pantries we will donate to are Columbus/Fall River, Wyocena, Portage, and Cambria. Cambria pantry is in need of toiletries, diapers, etc. more than food, if anyone can donate such items.

E. Trail changes- Any and all trail changes and/or updates need to be emailed to Gary Tupper and Gregg Johnson. Columbia County trails will not officially open until December 12th, after the Dec. 9-11th deer hunt, pending snow conditions. Also from December 24th-January 8th, the trails from Cambria-Pardeeville, Poynette-Hookers, and North Star will be closed. Please be aware of these trail closings and check the hotline often.

New Business-

A. For the December meeting we will need a rough headcount for an idea on food quantity. 50-60 people should cover it.

Published: December 9th, 2011
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