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CCASC Meeting Minutes

December 15th, 2011

Northern Edge in Lodi

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm by President Gary Tupper. 8 clubs were present with Randolph and New Haven absent.

MMSP to approve the minutes from the November 17th, 2011 meeting at Kelly’s Bar in Randolph with 3 corrections regarding the new Miss Snowflake (selected, not nominated), the Yellow Thunder raffle which is $50, not $500, and it is the AWSC Executive Board that will be looking into the membership renewal issue, not the Legislative Committee.

MMSP to approve the financial report as presented showing an ending balance of $10,675.43. New maps will be available for clubs to take with them tonight. The cost for the maps for this year was $4500 including the laminated maps we requested.

County Liaison Report was given by Al Kaltenberg. Maintenance packets are in for all clubs. As of now there are no new DOT rates. All forms are available online if you need them. Also be sure to turn in all receipts or you will not get paid. Al still needs an updated emergency contact list by the next meeting (January) at the latest. Scholarship forms are also available if any one needs them. Please also turn in info on new bridges, trails, etc. to Al by the January meeting. As for the CRP land, it will be an issue in Columbia County. As of January 1st there will be new board members. Al will need a list of all landowners who are on CRP land (trails are on land). Please keep in mind that we have re-election of officers coming up in a few months. No other reports to be made.

The AWSC Report was given by director Deb Levey. A Director’s Meeting will be held the first week in January. The Executive Board will be looking into a change in the fiscal date. The Cap-Step program is moving forward though we are still waiting on dates. No other reports to be made.

The Youth Report was given by youth rep Tyler Brozek. The Youth delivered the check from workshop to River Haven in Portage for $220. They were very grateful for the donation. Tyler is currently working on getting this into local newspapers. The youth are still planning a club ride for January 14th and February 18th, pending snow. Tyler is also looking for youth contact info from other clubs. His email address is No other updates.

Old Business-

A. Map Ads- Maps are here for members to take with them. They look great. #110 on the map has no ad. It was for the Shamrock and should have been taken off so please disregard that number. There are 12,000 maps in John’s truck available to take back to your clubs and the rest will be stored at Johnson Sales. There are also 50 laminated maps, roughly 5 for each club. Harley and Betsy will be meeting with the printers in January to discuss doing the quadrant maps.

B. Trail Changes- For Donna’s change, the county has to send a letter onto the Community Service but they currently do not have a CS agent available so it has remained unsigned. This is for the Trail 27 change to Corridor 11. An update on Rio’s trail, we will have a west trail. Dave Walters land, North of Drake Road will be running some ditches though. The North Trail will be rerouted around the Senior Center and going into the Village of Lodi and around to the viaduct.

New Business-

A. Trail issues- Already covered in old business.

B. Are all clubs trails marked?

a. Rio- West and South marked. North trail is waiting for 1 more landowner approval.

b. Rocky Run, Yellow Thunder, Cambria, Doylestown are all marked and those clubs have contacted Greg.

c. Pardeeville-Cambria, Poynette-Lake Wisconsin, and Hookers-Northstar will all remain closed for the deer hunt.

Club News and Events-

A. Dice Run- Camper Country. Planned to be January 1-28th, 2012.

B. Rocky Run Pancake Breakfast- February 12th, 2012

C. Yellow Thunder $50 Raffle- February 18th, 2012

D. Dane Co. Easter Seals Raffle- February 4th, 2012. $20 for the dance and meal. See Gary Tupper for tickets.

E. Doylestown Breakfast- January 29th, 2012 at the Casino

F. Columbus/Fall River- White Elephant Event- January 24th, 2012 at Kelly’s Bar.

G. Waunakee Beef Feed- January 28th, 2012.

H. Winnebago Ridgerunners Soup Dump- January 14th from 11am-whenever. Bring a can of soup (no cream soups please!). Snow or no snow.

Next meeting- January 26, 2012: - Crestwood Inn, N6215 Hwy 51, near Portage - 7:30 pm - 608-742-6333

MMSP to adjourn at 8:20 pm

Respectfully submitted- Katie Dolato (CCASC secretary)

Published: December 28th, 2011
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