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CCASC Meeting Minutes September 21, 2013 Winnebago Ridge Runners Groomer Shed Dedication and Ribbon-Cutting of the “Harold LeJeune Snowmobile Park” was held prior to meeting. Thank you to Steve Pate and the Winnebago Ridge Runners for hosting the event! The meeting was called to order by President Mike Levey. 6 clubs were present with Camper Country, Doylestown, Randolph and Rocky Run being absent. MMSP to approve the minutes from the March 28, 2013 meeting as written. MMSP to approve the financial report as presented showing an ending balance of $3524.82. The County Liaison Report was given by Al Kaltenberg. He distributed maintenance contracts to attending clubs; and will mail to clubs not in attendance. They need to be signed and returned back to Al. Also all clubs need proof of insurance documents sent to Al to be filed with the County. The Director’s Report was given by John Brozek. • He attended the ISC in June 2013 at Green Bay. He reported they had 478 people registered. They made aprox. $30,000. Next year ISC to be held at Keystone, Colorado • CAP/STEP is still in progress; still need clubs’ support; legislators are working on a compromise • Polaris is working on their Snow Trails app which has a statewide snowmobile map • AWSC is upgrading their computer system; hopefully will accept online memberships • Dodge County will host July 2014 Summer Directors Meeting • Yamaha and Polaris are helping to promote KAOS program • Sno-Goer magazine is doing a KAOS article • AWSC is looking for more nominations for Groomer of the Year • New York made a DVD on tips for trail grooming. ( • Columbia County membership had decreased • October 21 is application deadline for Miss Snowflake applicants ** Contact Pres. Mike Levey if your club has someone interested ASAP (by 9/30/13)!! ** • February 8-17, 2014 is “Take A Friend Snowmobiling” • We are looking for CCASC Youth Representatives from our local clubs Destiny Anhalt from Arlington Prairie Drifters is interested OLD BUSINESS All maintenance packets need to be signed and turned into Al Kaltenberg. Harley Woodward has approximately 50% of the map ads turned into him. He reminded clubs that all trail changes and remaining map ads need to be sent to him. NEW BUSINESS The CCASC won $250 from the Lake State Alliance. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at The Thirsty Moose, Lake Wisconsin. It is located at N3135 County Road V (Corner of Hwys CS & V at Whalen's Grade) 608-635-4311 • November 21, 2013 meeting will be held at Club 60 • Remainder of CCASC meetings will be determined Meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted by Kim Johnson.
Published: October 1st, 2013
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