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Ccasc Nov Meeting
CCASC NOVEMBER MEETING November 19, 2015 Smoke on the Water The meeting was called to order by President Gary Tupper. Eight clubs were present. Camper Country and New Haven were absent. MMSP to approve the secretary’s report. MMSP to approve the treasurer’s report with a balance of $12,818.50. Columbia Co- Harley has maintenance packets available. Each packet contains a contact sheet and an emergency contact sheet. The emergency contact sheets need to be returned by the December meeting. Priority request for new trail funding is going to be submitted as- 1. Rio to Cambria Trail 2. Trail 61- Dane Co to Columbia Co 3. Keyser Trail 4. Trail 18- Westport 5. Columbus connecting trail (trail 68) 6. Rio to Otsego (trail 8) 7. Otsego to Fall River (Casino trail) 8. Lazy Lake to Dodge Co (21E/ alternate) 9. New Haven Trail Director Report- Review of workshop Military Ride is scheduled for Jan 17-18 ASCA calendars available $20 each- $5 of each sale goes to AWSC Children’s book available AWSC is looking at doing an economic impact study on snowmobiling Watch DOT website for anticipated roadwork projects and get involved if it will affect trails- DOT is willing to listen if we are involved in the early stages. One of the break out sessions covered raffles and gambling and some of the things that came out of it were: Class A license covers ticket raffles- Each ticket needs to list who is doing it, when the drawing is, license number, price, all tickets must be same size, shape and color. All prize over $1000 needs to be listed. All tickets must have a chance to win the grand prize. Winning tickets need to be kept for a year. Anyone winning over $600 needs to be issued a 1099. Only one person’s name should be put on a ticket. Must draw at the date and time listed on the ticket- do not draw early. Class B license covers bucket raffles. All drawings must be done on day of event. Can have up to 365 drawings a year. Each “bucket” counts as one drawing no matter if you pull one winner or several. Selling a wingspan is only legal if every wing span contains the same amount of tickets for the same purchase price. Once license type does not cover the other. Money raised must go to the purpose of your group. Can not do a raffle for charity. Calendar raffles need to be approved by the department of gambling the first year. How the drawing is held needs to be listed and must be done at the time listed. Blue Mounds meeting is set for December 1 from 5-8 at the Mount Horeb High School. Presentation will be done at 5 with Q& A from 6-8. Please comment online and please plan on attending the meeting. Please call John or Deb with questions or see the AWSC website before calling the office. AB431 was a clean up bill that passed. It clarified a vintage sled as 35 years old. Registration will be $20 for three years then $5 per year after. No trail pass is needed. Trail pass for dealers can be transferred from sled to sled. If you buy a $30 trail pass from the DNR and get a receipt you can be on the trail with the receipt. You will not get a receipt from the AWSC with the purchase of a discounted $10 pass, so please plan ahead and get your trail passes ordered early. Callie Brice from Manitowoc Co is the 2015-2016 Miss Snowflake. Please let her know if you are interested in having her attend any of your events. Macy attended 49 events and put over 14,000 miles on her car during the year. They are looking into paperless trail maintenance software and are looking for counties to try it out. This could get the money back to clubs faster and eliminate the need for audits. Also suggest counties go to direct deposits. Could be some changes to rates for different size drags. There were 31,662 memberships as of workshop, which is up about 6000 from last year. Keep sure websites are kept current. Make sure memberships are up to date before ordering passes. Old Business- We received a Thank you card from Kendra. We will be doing a food and dry good drive at the Christmas Party. The CCASC will purchase meet and buns from Arbys and get drinks. Please bring a dish to pass. Look at the map and make sure everything is ok. We have some empty spots. It was decided to utilize four spots for the memorial park. If any clubs want to purchase a spot the price will be $50. Any other empty spots will be used for trail pass info. New Business- Can the county write checks directly to the clubs? Harley and John will discuss with Kelly at the county. Also, can direct deposit be utilized? Workshop 2016 will be held at Chula Vista – do we want to do another hospitality room? In 2014 we made $947. We will need to have lots of help getting donations prior to it and working the room during the weekend. Please discuss with your clubs. Columbus- Fall River will be having a safety class, but no dates are available yet. Include large culverts with your listing of bridge information. Make sure all clubs are compiling this information. No holiday hunt held this year. It could come back next year. With no hunt this year it may be possible to open trails earlier than normal. Please make sure to contact Gregg and let him know when all of your trails are put in. Hope to have them all in by December 15th. Winnebago Ridge Runners had a very successful nut and candy sale- over $16,000 in sales. Grass drags also had a good turn out and got some new members. Arlington ‘s New Fall Fling made $6000- new event style was a lot less work for members and still had a good turnout. Upcoming events- CCASC Christmas party and meeting – December 17th Johnson Sales. Potluck starting at 6:30, meeting at 7:30. Don’t forget your food pantry donations. Rocky Run Pancake Breakfast- February 14 Pardeeville High School 8-12 Doylestown Pancake Breakfast – January 31 Casino Supper club 8-12 Columbus Fall River White Elephant Sale- January 26 after 7:30 meeting MMSP to adjourn the meeting. Respectfully submitted, Norri Brozek
Published: November 26th, 2015
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