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CCASC Meeting Minutes Otsego Yacht Club November 17, 2016 The meeting was called to order by President Mike Levey with eight clubs present. New Haven and Randolph were absent. The secretary’s minutes were read and approved The treasurer’s report was read and approved with and ending balance of $6,204.88. New Haven has not paid dues yet. AWSC: John Brozek There were 202,429 sleds registered during 2015-16 season. This was a 13,000 increase resulting from trail passes. $2.2 million was collected with $1.8 million spent on projects. There was a $1 million savings on the third year of a three-year registration. There were 1100 + electronic signatures on the Blue Mound State Park petition. Comment period is coming up and we may be needed during that time. Email sent from Keith Ripp and Luther Olsen. DNR may be dropping the Great Sauk Trail efforts in crossing the Wisconsin River. Bob King, ACSA Midwest chapter, spoke on ‘over the snow rule’ for counties that have national forests. 10 states and one province are represented in the Midwest Chapter, with 30,000 members. US Forest Service used 2/3 of their budget to fight forest fires. The remaining money is not enough to maintain forest roads. Forest Service may look to FEMA to fund the forest fires. $2000 law suit has been filed in Oregon. Blue Ribbon Coalition has not spent money to fight lawsuit. Cathy Burner, DNR, talked about FEMA coverage to northern counties damage. After FEMA covers damages, $27,000 remains to be paid and may be covered with supplemental maintenance funding. During 2015-16 season, 111 citations were issued for non-registration. 47 citations were issued for no trail passes. No money from citations is returned to the DNR snowmobile programs: $50 allocated to school funds; $13 to law enforcement officer training; and $137.50 to court costs (Dept of Justice). Amount of money collected for the Morris Nelson memorial scholarship(s) has not been totaled yet and distribution details are not completed. AWSC office has moved to first floor of building. Adding a part time executive assistant is being considered to help out AWSC officers. Currently memberships are valid for one year from registration date and clubs vary on their dates of annual membership. This means that some members can join a club only every other year, but still get an annual trail pass without joining the club each year. AWSC is evaluating a specific end date to membership for all clubs but this will take bylaws and/or legislative changes. Remind club members that trail passes take time to issue. However, once your name is in the system, less time will be spent on future passes. Miss Snowflake, Erica Keehn, is from Rock County. Ask her to attend club events. Clubs are responsible to pay her mileage. Discussions have been held in defining a club that has < 10 members. For the discounted trail pass, there must be a club of 10 or more members. Marquette and Green Lake County are participating in the holiday deer hunt from 12/24/16 – 01/01/17. These means trails cannot be open during this time. This will impact the trail between Cambria and Pardeeville. We will add this to CCASC website. Old Business Hospitality room at workshop went well. Leftover beer will be brought to CCASC December Christmas meeting. Peggy and Kim did a fine job of leading the efforts. CCASC will send a thank you to each, along with the CCASC meeting schedule. CCASC made about $1000 on the hospitality room. Reminder to return signed land ease agreements, trail grooming contracts, and contact lists to Harley by the next meeting. To date, Arlington, Columbus-Fall River and Cambria are only clubs that have returned documents. New Business: DOT has started a study to expand I-39, 90/94, and 12/18 from Madison to Portage. Club members have attended recent public involvement meetings. Pamphlets were distributed at the meeting to show different possibilities for the four-lane expansion. These changes will be a major impact to several road crossings of CCASC clubs. The plan will be finalized in Spring 2018. Information, including contacts: Phone (608)246-5444 Email: Internet: The December meeting will be held 12/15/2016 at Johnson Sales. We will start at 6:30. Short meeting to be held. Bring a dish to pass. Bring food pantry items, but no veggies, please. Dry goods, i.e. toilet paper, Kleenex, toiletries, mac n cheese, spaghetti sauce, etc. and cash are appreciated.
Published: December 4th, 2016
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